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Post Protectors

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Storepro Post Protectors
Prevent costly damage to uprights


  • High visibility yellow/orange promotes safer operating areas 
  • Freestanding independent of racking and easily bolted to the floor
  • Tough, impact resistant, rounded outer shell deflects impact away


  • Flexible and strong with resilient inner shock absorbing pad
  • Unique clips for fast snap-on installation or removal
  • Sizes to fit most major pallet racking systems
  • No requirement to fix to floor
  • It does not protrude in to the safe working clearances of the storage bay
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The steel post protector is bolted to the floor in front of the uprights to a height of between 400mm – 600mm (depending on your exact choice). As the post protector is not connected or attached to the upright it takes the impact without damaging the upright/frame.

The plastic post protector meets the requirements of FEM 10.2.02 regarding impact loads and protection for pallet racking.  Injection moulded from a high impact plastic compound, it distributes the collision load to an internal energy absorbing pad. 

The plastic protector is designed to provide protection from any direction and provides a clear entry to the bay without reducing aisle space. They are easily modified on site to fit around bottom beams, and could be double stacked if required for enforced visibility and protection. It’s quick and easy to install with two uniquely designed serrate clips.