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Raised Storage / Mezzanine

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Raised Storage / Mezzanine Raised Storage / Mezzanine Raised Storage / Mezzanine Raised Storage / Mezzanine
Storepro Raised Storage / Mezzanine
The fastest way to add extra floor space within an existing building
  • Double your existing floor area without changing premises or increasing rent
  • Custom-made to suit available space and the products stored
  • Floor made from steel grating, or triboard up to 36mm thick
  • Stairs, loading gates and hand or knee rails all designed to meet current New Zealand and Australian safety standards
  • Structural mezzanine floors also available
  • Most commonly 1 tiered floors. Multi-tiered floors also available
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Raised storage areas can be built using standard pallet racking as a structure, and specialised accessories such as railing and stairs are manufactured to suit. They are most commonly constructed using structural steel to meet fire regulations.

Raised storage areas allow you to create separate zones within one centralised storage space – you can allocate separate areas for bulky and fragile items, separate areas for warehousing and dispatch, separate areas for fast-moving and slow-moving stock, and more.

An affordable option when space is at a premium, Storepro will tailor each installation to suit your needs and your site.

It’s simple to dismantle and take with you when you move as it is not a fixed building structure.

Please be aware of fire rules and restrictions – raised storage areas are subject to fire engineers approval.